Muggles was HARD to get a picture of. Belle was posing xD



That ones Muggle X3 Ill post what else I got of him before I do Belle.







He doesnt look very happy in the last one. :/ He looks like hes thinking "ERMEHGOSH STAHP IT." but he wasnt mad or anything, so it was all good.

Now for Belle xD







See? xD She loved the camera. And believe it or not, Belle is older than Muggle xDD

Muggle is a year and a half old Sheltie.

Belle is an I dont know. xD 

The dogs left. :3 They had a blue squeaky bone thing, and were fighting over it xDD

I got a couple pictures, but they arent very good. :/

I got Animal Crossing last night. ewe My aunt got it for mee~ I just started it xD I skipped the date ahead a bit so Id get my house xDD (I plan on just doing that. Skipping ahead when I run out of stuff to do so I can play longer) 

Jermis convinced Andy to stayy ewe //silent happiness// 

There was a thunderstorm last night. There was a lot of lightning, but we didnt hear any thunder. O-o It was weird. But Im fine with it. 030 I like the lightning, the thunder just annoys the heck outta me. 


So if I survive then Ill see you tomorrow~

Yeah, Ill see you tomorrow~

My legs are dangling off the edge, bottom of the bottle is my only friend.. //continues//

I made a species ewe

Its closed, so no-one can use it xDD Here-

Name Of Species:
Gender Ratios: Around two male for every female
Average Life Span: Their lives range anywhere from twenty to forty. They have generally short lives.
Personality: They hate the cold, and cant stand it for very long. If it gets too hot or cold, they find somewhere to get warm or cool off until the temperature gets better. Theyre quiet creatures, and theyre general personality can range anywhere from kind and friendly to mean and sarcastic. Usually trustful, but lose all trust easily. They will completely shut down and become unresponsive if abused or bullied. They are sensitive creatures.
Habitat: They live in forests and near rivers or lakes. They can live basically anywhere at all.
Native Country: Canada
Spoken Language: They usually speak English or German, but have been known to speak Japanese and / or Russian
Features: Their eyes change with their emotions. Example- Pink is love, dark blue is sadness, and so on. They also have cat ears and tail, and the odd one has wings. 
Health: Usually fairly good, they tend to get sick easily. They have their ways of avoiding it, however.

Gah.. >.< It still needs a name.


Its official. :3 Theyre now known as Sylabols. ^-^

This is going to sound random and weird, but the top of my MP3 player smells like sunscreen. 030 I have a habit of resting it against my top lip, and Ive discovered it smells like sunscreen xDD Its probably because I was using it when we went to the beach the other day.